30 days of lists

I’m big on lists.  HUGE.  I have lists of lists.  I have several on the go right now – my to-do list, packing list for holidays, things I need to buy when I’m away, the online orders I’m waiting for, new SUV checklist and models to test drive.  I think my favourite is the List o’Fun that I’ve made with Jo – all the things we keep saying we need to do but then forget about.  While I love having to-do lists on my phone for the convenience and ease of access, I still do most of my lists on paper.  I get great satisfaction from writing things on and crossing things off on a list and it’s not the same as clicking on a button.

So given the size of my inner list-nerd, it’s no surprise that when I heard of the 30 Days of Lists challenge I was all over it.  I purchased the previous rounds because I love the thought of using them as journaling prompts throughout my scrapbooks, especially as Miss A gets older and can create some of her own lists.

Jo and I did our own challenge last month using one of the previous rounds and it was awesome.  I usually hate January with a passion but this year it was not as bad.  It was partially because we had beautiful weather, but I think it helped having something fun to focus on. Now I’m signed up for the March edition.

I have a folder of emails with all my January answers but I wanted to do something more with them.  The obvious answer is scrapbook them in some way, but I didn’t really want a full 12×12 album devoted to this or to put it in our family albums.  Enter the 6×8 album size – it’s perfect!  I got this Project Life album from Michaels, and a combination of the 3 and 4 pocket 6×8 pages.

I used the Amy Tan Cut and Paste mini kit for my January pages, and my pages for March are already set up using cards from the Jade core kit, so once the challenge starts, I can document my lists right in my album. 

Anyone else out there listing in March?


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