A Week(ish) In The Life – February(ish) 2014

My plan was to do my Week In The Life starting February 24-March 2.  I printed out some photo ideas and daily tracking pages from Ali Edwards’ website.  But, as it always seems to happen, life got in the way and the next thing I knew, it was Wednesday and I hadn’t taken a picture or documented a single thing.

A friend posted a Day in the Life on her blog and that made me think it was a better way for me to tackle this project.  I’ve never done a full WITL and taking pictures of the everyday things is not something that’s second nature to me, so I think I need to work up to it!

Armed with a new plan and a revised page to jot down my notes, I scheduled a Day in the Life on March 3.  Guess what…it ended up being a day I really didn’t want to commemorate because of some work crap.  The rest of the week was a zoo with houseguests, getting ready for holidays, and so on, then Miss A and I headed south of the border for two weeks.  Not a great time to capture a day in our winter life when we were in shorts and flip-flops.

While we were on holidays, my iPhone started to act up.  Thankfully I have an extended warranty on it.  I spent an hour tonight at Best Buy getting it looked at and eventually replaced – now I have a shiny new iPhone 5S.   I’ve heard great things about the camera on it, so I’m going to put it to the test with a Day in the Life tomorrow!


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