Spring Cleaning My Stash

Although here in Alberta we got 10 centimetres of snow this weekend (seriously, it’s like our own real life version of Frozen, and I wonder who made Queen Elsa mad), spring really is upon us.  I do a major spring cleaning of my whole house and as I sat down to plan that, I decided I should consider spring cleaning my scrapbooking stash.

When I started seriously utilizing pocket scrapbooking last summer, there were few product options out there aside from Project Life.  Because I love to have ALL THE THINGS, I bought a ton of Project Life kits when I first began.  In addition, as pocket scrapbooking has gained popularity, the market has grown and there are tons of products out there, which I’m all too happy to sample.

I’ve mentioned before, the best part of pocket scrapbooking for me has been the simplicity – it’s a way for me to get pages done while still looking great.  But what I’m finding now is that having so much stuff is bogging me down and complicating things.

So, spring cleaning plans!

First, I’m going to go through my kits and purge them.  There’s some that I likely won’t use or that I have too much of.   I’m finding that I have 4 or 5 that are my go-to kits, and I’m using a lot of the themed cards, so I want to pare down the rest.

I originally bought all the 3×4 and 4×6 packages of coordinating cardstock for each kit, and I don’t use it as much as I thought I would.  I’m going to sell my 3×4 packages, because obviously I can cut down a 4×6 when necessary.

As for embellishments, I have a ton of chipboard alpha sets that I held on to after my last de-stash.  I plan to go through them and keep only the sets that are the right size for my pocket pages.  I also want to look at all the stickers that I have left.  Again, I’ll keep anything I’m honestly likely to use, and the rest I’ll give to Miss A.  Finally, I need to figure out a storage method for the sheets of enamel dots I have tossed in a drawer.

My poor acrylic paints.  I can’t seem to find anything to rescue them and make them less goopy.  I’m going to consider tossing the lot.  I do love them for painting chipboard though.  That will be a tough one.

I’m struggling with what to do with my pocket pages.  I seem to rely on Design A, D and G, and don’t think about using some of the other layouts.  For example, I don’t do Instagram pictures, so the 4×4 pockets aren’t as useful for me.  Recently, I’ve had a lot of situations where I’d like to combine horizontal and vertical pictures on one page.  If I trimmed down the pictures, they’d work in a 4×4 slot.   I just never think to do that!  Maybe some of my spring cleaning is mental – get myself thinking outside the box a bit.  The next time I work on my album, I’m going to keep the Pocket Page reference sheet handy.  When I look at it, there’s a few designs that I love but then I forget about them as I work on pages.   I also know there’s designs that, in all likelihood, I won’t use.  I plan on tucking those away in a box so they’re handy just in case, but they’re out of the way.


Complete List of Project Life Kits

photo1 I’ve seen posts on a few Facebook pages where people have asked if there’s a full list of Project Life kits anywhere, so I decided to try and put a complete listing together.  I’ve included links to the Card Design Reference or the Digital Edition links.  I’ve also added information regarding the availability of the kits, where some are retired or exclusive to a particular retailer.

If I’ve missed something or a link doesn’t work please let me know!  I’ll update this as new products are released.

Updated January 31, 2017

Complete List of Project Life Kits – Alphabetical

Complete List of Project Life Kits – By Release Date

Download a checklist to keep track of your stash – Project Life Kit Checklist

Photo credit to my bestie Jo!