Complete List of Project Life Kits

photo1 I’ve seen posts on a few Facebook pages where people have asked if there’s a full list of Project Life kits anywhere, so I decided to try and put a complete listing together.  I’ve included links to the Card Design Reference or the Digital Edition links.  I’ve also added information regarding the availability of the kits, where some are retired or exclusive to a particular retailer.

If I’ve missed something or a link doesn’t work please let me know!  I’ll update this as new products are released.

Updated January 31, 2017

Complete List of Project Life Kits – Alphabetical

Complete List of Project Life Kits – By Release Date

Download a checklist to keep track of your stash – Project Life Kit Checklist

Photo credit to my bestie Jo!


16 thoughts on “Complete List of Project Life Kits

    • Miss Magoo says:

      Hi Carol! If you’re looking for a core kit, I think you can make almost any kit work. I’m partial to the thought of using Honey for kids – it’s nice and bright.

      The Childhood mini kits are perfect for school pages too – there’s cute cards for handwriting samples, what I’m learning, or self-portraits.

      The Personal Yearbook kit would work well too – documenting a full year of school. I like the thought that it’s digital so you could buy it once and use it over and over to do a cohesive school years album.

      Finally, there’s the School theme packs. For younger kids, I think the original school theme pack is awesome. For older kids, the Michaels exclusive one would work really well.

      Thanks for stopping by! Hope this helps!

  1. This is great. I wish they had a pdf for all of them. I am getting ready to mix all of my kits together and would still like to know which kit came with what. Thanks for doing all of this. Also, I am curious, what does the letter M mean that is noted next to some of them?

    • Miss Magoo says:

      Thanks! More and more PDFs seem to be trickling out so hopefully they’ll all be there soon. M means it’s exclusive to Michaels and not available anywhere else.

      Good luck with mixing your kits! I’ve got a post about that coming up soon now that things have settled down at home.

  2. zina says:

    Thanks for sharing :)!

    Can you let me know how to download the dreamy core kit? It seems to lead to another page not a download pdf?

    Thanks a lot!!

    • Miss Magoo says:

      Hi Zina! There isn’t a card design reference for Dreamy yet. For kits without PDFs, I’ve linked to the kit in Becky Higgins’ shop to show the images there.

  3. kelli says:

    I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have printed out this list and gone back to it as they have released more and more kits! I appreciate you keeping it updated so much!!! Saying Thank you doesn’t seem like enough!

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