Ordering prints

It’s the most basic supply you need to scrapbook – your pictures.  I take a LOT of photos and until recently, I’ve always sent everything to be printed.  So I’ve always been on the lookout for good quality prints at a reasonable price.  Here’s my take on some of the services I’ve used in the past few years.

1.  Walmart.  They had a wicked sale just after we got married – worked out to 5 cents a print.  Very handy given that I sent well over 500 pictures to be printed.  I used them exclusively for a while, but the price kept going up and the quality was hit and miss.  It’s handy if I need a reprint or two quickly, but they’re not my go-to anymore.

2. Costco.  I’ve printed the vast majority of my pictures there the past 3 years.  I’d wait for a print sale – usually 8 to 10 cents – then upload hundreds of files a couple times a year.  The quality has been pretty good but I haven’t been thrilled with the last couple of batches.  That’s what’s started my recent search for a new photo lab.

3. Snapfish.  I had a deal for 200 free prints from Snapfish a couple of years ago so I sent a batch of pictures there to try.  I wasn’t impressed at all.  I waited two weeks for prints that were way too blue.  In retrospect, I should have contacted them and not accepted them.

4.  Shutterfly.  I received my first order from them this week.  I redeemed some diaper rewards points for 200 free prints and when I created my account, I got another 50.  I uploaded just over 300 files, and paid around $10 for the extra prints.  Shipping to Canada was a ridiculous $19! So my “free” prints cost me 30 bucks.  It’s too bad the shipping is so high because they were good quality.

5. Blacks.  I haven’t ordered from there yet, bit I scored a good deal on a prepaid card which worked out to 15 cents a print.  It’s more expensive than Costco, but I’ve heard great things about the quality.  If the quality is better, I don’t mind paying a bit more, especially if I continue to be more selective in what pictures I send to print.

6. Other options I’m considering.  I’d like to try Persnickety Prints.  The US girls on several Facebook groups I’m in rave about them.  Shipping is more reasonable at $10 flat rate, and they have some cool options for printing 3×4 and Instagram sizes.  I used a local store called Don’s Photo to print Miss A’s newborn photos, on the advice of our photographer.  They were awesome, and I need to look into their prices again.  Also, I plan on checking out McBain Camera, another local photo lab.

if you’re in Canada and are looking to get photos printed at a good price, both Costco and Shoppers Drug Mart have deals right now for 9 cents a print.


Photo organization success!

I’m feeling very accomplished right now. 

763 photos in my folders from January to April.

317 are being uploaded to order from Shutterfly.

It only took me about an hour and a half to do 4 months of pictures, and at an average of 15 cents per print, I’ve saved myself about $67.  

Much easier to justify my upcoming purchase of the Aqua core kit and assorted goodies once it goes on presale!  😀

(Inter)National Scrapbook Day in review

National Scrapbook Day – or as those of us outside the States have started calling it, International Scrapbook day – was May 3, 2014.  I had great intentions to spend the day celebrating the hobby I love but it didn’t seem to work as well as I’d wanted.

I started the morning by moving all my scrapbooking stuff out of our spare room into the main room in our basement.  My parents are staying with us now that they’re home from the States – their house sold but their condo isn’t ready yet.  I wanted to free up some space in their room so everything came out.

After moving, I lost my scrapbooking mojo and blobbed on the couch watching ER while my husband and Miss A ran some errands.   I printed out some class materials and organized them, and went through my binder of stuff from classes and cleaned some stuff out.  Unfortunately, I developed a major headache and ended up having an hour’s snooze.  By then, it was time to get up and head out for the dinner we’d had planned at Olive Garden.

I stared at my stuff for a while when I got home, but just couldn’t get the energy up to work on my pages.  I researched some storage options online – I actually really like the idea of having my scrapbooking stuff out in our rec room and I’m thinking about leaving it here.  I would love to have another brown Expedit (well, now Kallax) bookcase with some drawer inserts, but I’m not sure I want just 2 drawer sets.  If push comes to shove, I guess I’ll live with the white in the main room.

The only other thing I did was order some supplies from Scrapbooker’s Inner Circle – I got a 25% off coupon code, so I ordered some pocket pages, 12×12 paper, an album and a couple of WRMK kits for a friend of mine.  The best part was as part of Tammy’s giveaways for the day, I won my shipping costs back!  I wish I had needed more or that the Aqua kit was available for purchase that day!

I headed to bed early with not a bit of scrapbooking done!

Words I’ve never uttered

I’m almost caught up.


Everything is done for 2012 except for a couple of pages which need journaling.

All my 2013 pictures are in photo pocket pages.  I have to add cards, embellish and journal, which I plan to work on over the next while.  I’m going to clean up the last of my to-do list – engagement story, pregnancy month-by-month and a couple of pictures to reorganize in Miss A’s first year album.  I have a 12×12 layout I want to do of a picture with some of my best girlfriends.  I might go back and embellish some of my 2011 and 2012 pages since I’m going to have the time.

My spring cleaning is halfway done – I’ve sorted my pocket pages and stored designs I’m less likely to use.  Stickers and embellishments have been purged, and most of my paints went into the garbage.  I’m holding off on going through my kits until after I’m done my 2013 pages to see if I’m still using the same few kits.

I’ll print out  my 2014 to date pictures soon – I feel like there should be a Costco print sale coming up.  They’re going to go straight into pocket pages but I won’t do much with them.  If I get too ahead of the game, I won’t have anything to work on at my scrapbooking weekend in the fall!

So what will I work on?  This is a very strange feeling!

I’ve taken a few online classes – well, I’ve printed everything out anyway.  This will be a great time to continue working on those.  I’ve got Project Real Life, Project Life Lessons, a Silhouette and two Photoshop classes, so that will keep me busy!

My parents did a Mediterranean cruise a couple of years ago and my mom really wants to get her pictures off her computer.  I promised her I’d help her either design an online photobook or go through and select pictures to print and make her a scrapbook.   They’re going to be living with us for the next couple of months so that’ll be a good way to spend some of our evenings.

Once my parents move and get their stuff out of storage, I know my mom has boxes upon boxes of photos that aren’t in any order.  I also promised I’d help her sort those and get them into photo albums.  I’m sure they also have heritage photos from both my grandmas, so I’d love to do something with those.