Kids vs. Family Albums

I’ve been mulling over what to do about albums for Miss A.  Although it’s a long way off (I hope), some day she’ll be moving out on her own and will want some pictures of her childhood.   I don’t want to send all my scrapbooks with her when she goes, but I’d love to be able to give her a few books. 

I’ve been thinking and googling, and I’ve seen many people suggest what I’m going to do – starting an album that’s hers and not a “family” album.  My plan is to do one or two pages for each month – picking the best pictures or ones with the most meaning, and including them.  It’s essentially what I did when I went back and raided my parents’ photo albums to create my own childhood scrapbook.   I figure I can keep it condensed enough to fit 5 years or more in one binder, then she won’t be taking mountains of albums with her. 

I hope that when she’s older, she’ll want to get involved in scrapbooking too, and then she can add to her own albums.  Whether or not she does, I plan on having her contribute something to our family albums so that I always have something of her in those books.  I love the idea of having her do some journaling to get her perspective on a photo, or doing a Q&A or list card that she fills out.

And yes, it’s somewhat overkill to be thinking about sending her away to university or out into the world when she’s just turning three, but I figure if it’s a project I work on in conjunction with my albums, it’ll stay relatively up-to-date and won’t require a lot of extra work . 


No time to scrap makes Miss Magoo a sad panda.

I have been far too busy for the last six weeks, and it’s has left me no time to sit down and work on my albums.  I’ve been putting in extra hours at work, and once I’m home, it’s time to keep up on the day to day things like laundry and housecleaning.  Even though my parents have spoiled me rotten by cooking almost every night, and helping out with cleaning, the few hours I have in an evening seem to be eaten up.

We were supposed to go camping last weekend but the weather didn’t cooperate and my husband has a lot of marking to get through, so we rescheduled.  I got a day all to myself on Saturday, and I spent a good chunk of it watching ER on DVD and working on my 2013 book.

I used some kits for the first time – Kiwi, Happy and Aqua – and it’s safe to say they’re on my favourites list.  I only kept 1/3 of Happy and I deeply regret it now. I also experimented with mixing kits up for the first time.  I was looking for cards with primary colours for a page, so I pulled cards from Slate, Honey and Aqua.  I also mixed Kiwi and Midnight cards on another page.  I’m really happy with how they turned out, and I think that it’ll be a strategy I start to use more and more.  It got me thinking about sorting my cards by colour rather than kit, but I’m not there yet!  One of these days, I want to sit down and look at my kits with an eye to what works together, both colour and style-wise.

I got a goodie in the mail on Friday that I’m really excited to use – I ordered these Simple Stories Photo Crops.  I’ve been wanting to start using some of my different-sized photo pocket pages and I think this will really help me trim my pictures down quickly and easily.

Now that summer is here, I’ll continue to have less time to work on my albums.  But I’m looking forward to being busy making lots of memories (and taking pictures of them, of course).  We have several camping trips planned, I’m really looking forward to a girls’ weekend with a group of my best friends, and we’ll be celebrating Miss A’s 3rd birthday.

Complete list of Project Life Kit – download

I’ve mentioned more than once that I’m a bit of an organizational nerd and love lists.  One of the things I keep on my computer is a list of the kits I’ve purchased so I remember whether or not I have a particular product.  It seems that my Complete List of Project Life Kits post has been really beneficial for some people, so I thought I’d create a checklist too.

Please feel free to download and keep yourself organized too!

The file has also been added to the Complete List page and will be updated when new kits are announced.

Becky Higgins Project Life kit checklist

Once you click on the link to open the PDF, you can print or save it to your own computer.