Scrapbook weekend organization – PL-style

In a few weeks, I’ll be going away for the first scrapbooking weekend I’ve been on since I switched to pocket scrapbooking.  When I was doing traditional scrapbooking, I had packing for the weekend down to an art, but now I need to reconsider what I’m taking and how I’m going to pack it.

I had an hour to myself in the house today – a luxury these days – so I started getting things together.

Photos – I’m going to work on Miss A’s album as well as my 2014 pictures.  I’d love to put my pictures into photo pockets before I go.  That would eliminate figuring out which pocket pages to take as well.  But looking at the lack of empty space on my calendar for the next month, I’m pretty sure it’s not going to happen.   So my photos are in their envelopes and boxes.

Cards – I have two of the Close to My Heart medium organizers, which are perfect for pocket scrapbooking cards.   I’ve got one with 4×6 cards, theme kits, and value kits, and the other has 3×4 cards.  I’m not bringing my cardstock packages or 12×12 papers – I’ll add them after the fact if I need to.

Photo pocket pages – I’ve loaded one empty binder with Design A and D, as I use them the most frequently, and another with a bunch of Design G, and other designs I occasionally use.

Tools – pens, a trimmer, some glue, a package of sticky notes, card design reference pages, and my Photo Crops should be good for the weekend.

Embellishments – I’ve packed wood veneers, a few rolls of washi tape, enamel dots, stamps and stamp pads.  In past years, I took my Cricut, but I think the Cameo will stay home this year.  I’d rather make a note to myself about something I want to add when I get back.

I was able to get most everything into my trusty old Crop in Style XXL tote.  My albums in progress and binders with extra pages are in another 12×12 Cropper Hopper tote.  That’s it.  I can’t believe I won’t end up with the entire back of my SUV packed full of stuff I don’t end up touching.


New scrap room – coming October 2015

It’s been a very busy September in our household – aside from the usual craziness of my husband being back to work and getting things done with the yard and trailer in preparation for winter, we bought a new house!

I’ve been looking at floor plans and new developments since early this year, but we started a serious search at the end of August.  It didn’t take us long until we found the perfect house for us, and a great lot in a neighbourhood that hadn’t initially been on our radar.  After a lot of research about the area, we decided it would be a great fit for us.  We put the lot on hold and then went through two very intense weeks of decision making.

It helped that for the past couple of years, every time we said “Oh, when we build a house, we’re going to change THIS”, I’ve kept notes on a document on my computer.  Super nerdy, yes, but very handy when it came down to making changes that we wanted in a very short period of time.

We’re very excited about this new adventure – being able to customize the house in so many ways has been awesome so far.  I can’t wait till next Thursday when we get to go to the first preview night at the design centre – I’m anxious to see all the options we’ll have!

One of the upper floor options in the house would have given us a nice little alcove just off the bonus room, with a built-in computer desk which would have been perfect for a scrapbooking area.  We considered it, but it meant losing the front foyer being open to the upstairs, which we really like.  In the end, with just the 3 of us in the house, and the potential of building two additional rooms in the basement, there will be tons of places for me to set up a complete craft room.

My husband will also finally be able to build a small workshop area in the garage, and once that’s done, one of the first things he’s going to work on is building me new scrapbooking storage.  It won’t be cheaper than the stuff from Michaels, but it’ll definitely hold up better!

2014 Goals Revisited

The summer is done as of this weekend – the leaves are turning yellow, my husband is back to work (he’s a teacher) and the nights are getting awfully cool.  Seems like a good time to check in on where I’m at with my 2014 goals.

Taking more pictures – again, it’s been hit and miss.  I’m definitely taking more photos, partially because of the time of year – we had several camping trips this summer, as well as Miss A’s birthday.  I’m also getting lots of stuff with having the really great camera on my new iPhone and the little point-and-shoot that we bought.  There have been more pictures where I’m not the photographer this summer.  My husband took a photography course for school in early July and he’s enjoyed practicing.  He took some amazing pictures when we were in the mountains.  I’m making a conscious effort to take more pictures that aren’t of the kidlet, but it’s a slow process.

Photo organization – I’m still doing well with the monthly backing up and have been much better the last few times I’ve ordered prints about selecting the best ones to be printed.  It’s quite satisfying to see 500 pictures in a folder end up being 200 prints ordered.  That’s a lot of money that’s not being chucked into the garbage.   So I will definitely continue to invest the time and effort into that.

Memorabilia – hasn’t been touched.  I’ve filed things away as best I can but I haven’t sorted through anything.  That’s a good project for a colder winter evening, so I’ll tackle it in a couple of months.

Week in the life – hahahaha.  Not even close.  I did a day in the life in the late winter and then it’s totally fallen off my radar.  I plan to do something in September/October.

Catching up – I’m completely done 2013.  All of my 2014 pictures are printed up to date but I haven’t done anything with them.  i had intended to put them straight into pocket pages, but they’re still in envelopes.  I have a scrapbooking girls’ weekend planned in October, so I’m saving 2014 for then.  I still need to do my pregnancy page, besties page, and our engagement story – I plan on working on them on my weekend away too.  I also started two new projects – my parents’ cruise album and Abby’s childhood album.  I’m focusing on the cruise right now; all the pictures are in pages and I’ve started to put in the cards.  Once that’s done, it’ll be up to my mom to do the journaling.  Abby’s childhood album needs a couple of months’ more pictures and then I need to journal, but it’s close to being caught up.

Our summer was very busy, so I didn’t scrapbook on a regular basis, but now that it’s winding down, I’m sure I’ll make more time in the next couple of months.