Time to scrap!

The snowbirds flew the coop yesterday, so I have my basement back!  I spent last night tidying up and putting things back where I really want them, and unpacking my last order from Scrapbookers Inner Circle – I have enough albums to last me for the next 10 years but they were a steal of a deal at $14 each!

We had a very long week with a sick kiddo, a dog recovering from surgery, a work trip for me and the stress my parents went through with their condo being delayed again and then getting ready to head south.  So we opted to do a whole lot of nothing this weekend.  Miss A didn’t even feel up to going to dance class today.  I got to sleep in, and the only thing on my agenda for the day is going to get some groceries.  Tonight, I plan to set up, start catching up on the multitude of shows on our PVR, and work on my albums.

I have a training course scheduled next Thursday, and I always hate coming into the office for just one day after being out, so I decided to request a vacation day for Friday.  I can’t see it being declined, so I’m going to scrapbook then too.  In lieu of my scrapbook weekend, my husband promised me a day to myself at home where he’s in charge of the kidlet and dog, so I’m going to take him up on it next Saturday and get two days in a row to relax and enjoy PLing!


A “Happy” post!

After the dual scrap-related bummers of Friday, it was an extremely welcome surprise to find some scrapping goodness Tuesday morning. I was one of the winners in a Project Life giveaway on Becky Higgins’ blog for Project Life’s 5th birthday!  I got to choose a core kit, package of pocket pages and album.

I’ve been lamenting the fact that I sold 2/3 of my Happy core kit and then once I started to use it, fell completely in love with it.  By then, Scrapbookers Inner Circle was sold out and I couldn’t find any other Canadian sources for it.

My plan was to buy it when I got to Arizona at Christmas because it’s now being sold at Joann, but now I get it in my hands sooner and for free!  I also picked the Happy album and the Design A/D package of page protectors.


I am completely bummed now.

I got an email that my favourite place to buy pocket scrapbooking supplies, Scrapbookers Inner Circle, is closing down.   I’m so disappointed for many reasons. Tammy always had the newest products in stock and a great pre-order system, really reasonable prices and shipping costs, and more than anything, had the most fantastic customer service.  I could email her any silly question and she was always willing to help.

This is a big loss for pocket scrapbookers in Canada and other countries outside the US – SIC was often the only place people could purchase Project Life or Albums Made Easy items.

Although my wallet is probably happy, I’m very sad to see Tammy close her doors.  I will however, put the discount code I received to good use, stocking up on some albums and pocket pages.


Although I was totally organized and super-excited about the upcoming scrapbook weekend, it had to be cancelled because there weren’t enough people.  I’m really bummed out about it – I love this weekend for the time away, the company and the amount of work I get done.  And I feel so bad for my friend who organizes it – it seems to be getting harder and harder to get people together for this weekend.  Anyway, last night I unpacked everything, doing some reorganizing and de-stashing as I went.

On the bright side, after months of delays, it looks like my parents’ condo will be ready very soon, so the basement will be freed up to scrapbook any evening I want.  I’m also going to take a Saturday to myself sometime in the next few weeks and work on my albums, but it’s just not the same as getting away.