The best laid plans…

My big plan to take back my basement and start working on albums has been an epic failure.

The first weekend that my parents were gone, all I had the energy to do was zone out on the couch catching up on Outlander (ooh, fantastic show, by the way).  I got my day off approved, so I had grand plans for the Friday and Saturday, and then halfway through my course on Thursday, my throat started hurting.  By the time I got home, I was running a fever and feeling generally miserable.  Instead of scrapping, I spent all of Friday and Saturday sleeping.

Since then, we’ve been busy with the mundane things of everyday life – laundry, cleaning the house, getting groceries.  On top of that, there’s been some big happenings we’ve had to fit in – finishing our changes and upgrade selections for the interior of our new house, a change in my responsibilities at work which has meant a lot of extra time working in the evenings, and my husband applying for a new position.  It seems scrapbooking falls further and further to the bottom of my list of priorities every week.

I had every intention of taking last Saturday as a scrapping day, but I just couldn’t get motivated to do it.  I’d sit down and put cards in a layout, then get distracted by something else.  I think I got all of 3 layouts done.

Between now and Christmas, our schedule is getting pretty jam packed, so I’m sure there won’t be a lot of time for working on my albums.  Hopefully, Santa gets my PL wishlist and brings me some goodies, and maybe that’ll get me kickstarted for the New Year!