On a hiatus…

I’m going to be taking a break from updating for a while. My dad was diagnosed with leukemia last week and I need to focus my free time on giving my mom a hand and spending time with him.

I’ll be making note of any new Project Life releases and making sure I update the kit list when I get a chance, but I won’t be as on top of it as I have been. I know there’s a lot of links that need to be updated but I just don’t have the time or energy right now. Your best bet is to check out http://www.beckyhiggins.com and look at either the physical or digital store to see images.


Project Life Goals for 2015

This year is going to be a busy one.  We’re going to spend most of our free time in the next few months decluttering our house, doing a few minor repairs and the last things that need to be done in our finished basement, in preparation to list our house in the spring.  Once the house is listed, it’ll be lots of work keeping it clean and organized for showings.  The new house will hopefully be finished in mid-summer and then it’ll be time to move!

With all that we have to do in the rest of our lives, I’m keeping my goals for this year very modest.  I had thought to try a weekly PL album, but with everything going on, this isn’t the year to do it.  So my Project 52 kit will be tucked away for next year.

Pictures – we’ll continue to take more everyday shots, and I’d like to get my husband to teach me more about taking good pictures with our DSLR.  I’m going to try and start editing some shots on a more regular basis.  I’ll continue with my regular backing up of photos, and also being more selective of which ones I send to print.

Catching up – I need to finish my parents’ cruise album as a first priority.  Once that’s done, I plan to cross off some of the little projects that are hanging around – our engagement story, my month-by-month pregnancy layout, and besties page.  I want to get Miss A’s childhood album done up to 2014, then I can work on my own 2014 album and her 2014 pages concurrently.  Ideally, before we list the house in the spring, I’d like to have 2014 completed, but we’ll see how that goes.

Week/day in the life – I still like the idea of doing it a few times during the year, but I think I’ll scale back to a day in the life rather than a week.

Memorabilia – this WILL be dealt with as part of my house decluttering!  It will be sorted, and anything I’m not keeping originals of will be photographed or scanned and then tossed.

Stash management – without a lot of scrapbooking going on, but still shopping, I’ve managed to accumulate a somewhat ridiculous stash.  It’s time to start using things up rather than bringing more into the house.  I’ve already decided to part with a few of my partial kits which I know just aren’t my style.  I keep thinking I’ll use pastels or vintage-looking cards, and I just don’t. Since the summer, I’ve been working to curtailing my impulse to run out and purchase everything that gets announced and it’s been going pretty well.

I’m also getting closer and closer to taking the plunge and organizing my cards by colour.  That’s such a big step and the thought of it makes me a little twitchy, so we’ll see what the next few months bring!

Goals – a look back at 2014

I set some pretty lofty goals for my scrapbooking in 2014.  I know I didn’t reach a lot of them – for many reasons, scrapbooking wasn’t a priority for me in the last half of the year.

Taking more pictures – between my new iPhone, my husband’s new Samsung with a better camera, we got better at taking pictures of the day-to-day.  Our new point-and-shoot camera was great on vacation.  My husband has enjoyed puttering around with our DSLR and I can see this becoming a new hobby for him.  Bonus for me – lots of pictures!

Photo organization – uploading, organizing and backing up everything didn’t occur monthly, but it was on a more regular basis.  I spent more time selecting which photos to be printed, and was very happy with the process and savings.  I haven’t done a lot of editing, but it’s something I might tackle more in 2015.

Memorabilia – it’s all in a bin.  That’s about as good as it got in 2014.

Week in the Life – epic fail.  I did a day in the life in March, and that was it.

Catching up – I completed several of the outstanding projects I wanted to work on, but not all of them.  I made good strides in early 2014, but have managed to fall pretty far behind. I still need to do our engagement story, my month-by-month pregnancy page,  add cards, embellishments and journaling for 2013 and all of 2014.

New projects – I started on some new projects which also remain unfinished, of course.  My parents’ cruise and starting childhood albums for Miss A are on the go.

I’m not disappointed in where I ended up.  I made some good changes in my process (not printing everything), and had made a good start at taking the time for myself to work on my pages.

Next up – goals for 2015!

Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful Christmas season, spent with some of my family in sunny and warm-ish Arizona.  It wasn’t as warm as it could have been, but we flew home last night to -33 Celsius temperatures, so 6 above seems positively tropical.

Just in case Santa Claus didn’t get my Project Life wish list, I got several of the new theme packs, the Christmas value kit, and the Playful core kit before we went away.  I was thrilled to be able to order through my local scrapbook store, and although they’ve been pretty good about bringing in the latest PL goodies, they didn’t know about these releases.  I was able to use my once-a-year 20% discount with my membership there, and picked up my order on a Tuesday, which meant double stamps on my purchase card.  So I scored a great deal for sure!  It took about two weeks for the stuff to come in, so not as quickly as I used to get through SIC, but I didn’t have to pay for shipping and I supported a local store, so that’s a benefit.

Of course, just after they put my order in, the Desktop Edition was announced.  Another kit which is very much my style.   I decided that I’d order it through Becky Higgins’ website to be shipped to my parents’ house in Arizona.  It worked out really well other than some hiccups with my credit card billing address being Canadian, and the order arrived super quickly.

Then the Project 52 Edition was announced.  This edition is only available through BH’s website, which doesn’t have international shipping yet.  Understandably, a lot of people were upset because she indicated it’s a limited edition, and they don’t know when international shipping is going to be active.  I posted about my frustrations about exclusive editions in August, and although I was able to get my hands on this kit, I’m still annoyed at the setup.

The only issue with ordering core kits to my parents’ place is they’re so darn heavy!  My poor suitcase was teetering on the brink of an overweight fee!