A giveaway!

I took a class taught by Becky Higgins through Big Picture Classes a couple of years ago, called Project Real Life.  As registered students, we were able to purchase packages of her Life Lists cards.  The cards are available digitally, but not physically anymore.

I bought several packages of the cards, but as part of my de-stashing when I unpacked my scrapbooking supplies, I realized there’s no way I’ll use them all.

So I decided to do my first giveaway.  All you have to do to enter is leave a comment with your name below before October 30. I’ll randomly choose two people to send a package of the cards.

October 31 –  Congratulations to Jenny and Marie!


Home Sweet Home

This time a week ago, our movers were about halfway through unloading our stuff off the truck.  It’s been an extremely busy 7 days, but I’m happy to say that we’re unpacked, getting settled, and beginning to sit back and enjoy our new home.  Of course there’s still lots of little things to do, furniture to be moved around, pictures to be hung, and that kind of stuff but the biggest stuff is out of the way.

Because we were able to get things unpacked more quickly than we anticipated, on Monday and Tuesday I was able to work on setting up my new scrapbooking area.

I got all the boxes and bins of my stuff into the room I’m using.


Then I unpacked everything, putting things into piles by category, such as idea books, tools, paper, and so on.

IMG_3805 Gulp.

I destashed as I unpacked, creating another set of piles for donation, selling and throwing out.  Once I had all my items that I was planning to keep, I started putting things away.  I had made a trip to Ikea to buy the storage boxes I wanted prior to setting the room up, so I was able to get all the small things put away pretty quickly.

I put stickers and embellishments one one side of a Stampin’ Up large organizer.  Stamps and inks are on the other side.  Tjena boxes from Ikea hold adhesive, pens, tools, and other small miscellaneous items.

Making progress!


My next step was to go through all of my pocket scrapbooking cards – every core, mini, value and theme kit I had.  I was pretty brutal in my assessment – getting rid of everything I thought I “might” use one day or the ones I thought I liked but weren’t really my style.  Once that was done, all my core kits, mini kits, some of my value kits, and cardstock went into the Stampin’ Up medium organizers.  Themed cards stayed in my Iris photo organizer box, and I also found that the small 4×6 boxes are perfect to hold the cards and embellishments from the new value kits.

The final results!


My completed albums are in three of the bottom cubes of this bookcase; the fourth has my albums in progress.  The two cubes in the second row from the bottom are empty albums.


I got all my supplies in the 8-cube Kallax bookcase like I was hoping.  On the top, I have an organizer I bought through Thirty-One where I’m keeping my most-used supplies – it’ll be a way to keep them within reach when I’m working.  My Silhouette, Xyron and light will also stay up here.

Along the top row, I have paper in one cube, the large organizer and pens, my Tjena boxes, then idea books.  The bottom row has one cube with page protectors, then the other three with my cards, as well as photos in the last one.


Our nice big desk should give me lots of room to work.

So far, I like the look of it and I’m happy that I was able to fit everything in the space I’d planned.  Once I actually get the chance to scrapbook and use the room, I’m sure there will be modifications and some reorganization to make it as functional as possible.

Not a one-kit kind of girl

I’ve managed to put off working on my parents’ cruise album again. I didn’t go to my LSS crop night a few weeks ago, mostly because I had a rotten day at work that day, was exhausted and ended up in bed by 8:30. But there’s other reasons why I’m not a fan of store crops – I should do a post on that one day.

Anyway, we moved back to their condo last weekend, and Saturday night I actually sat down with their book and the Vintage Travel core kit I’m working with. I realized why I’ve been procrastinating on this album. I HATE working with just one kit!

One of the things I loved about traditional scrapbooking was going through my paper and picking colours and themes that worked with my photos. I still get to do that with pocket scrapbooking, because I have multiple kits. But with this book, it’s the same cards over and over again, and I’ve come to DREAD them.

It doesn’t help that I’m not crazy about the Vintage Travel kit – I’m really not a fan of the muted colours and vintage feeling. It works great with the pictures, but it’s so not something I would ever choose myself. I’ve been working with one kit for Miss A’s own childhood album and haven’t had the same struggle, but I’m using one that I love, so maybe that’s a big part of it too.

So, what have I learned from this? I definitely don’t want to commit myself to using one kit on a long-term basis. It’s cemented the conclusion I’ve been coming to that I don’t need all the kits and I should focus on the ones that are my style because working with something I don’t like is just that – WORK, not enjoyment. Finally, when my parents get home from their next cruise and want something done with their pictures, I’m going to show my mom how to build a photo book online!