2015 Goals in Review

2015 has been a very busy year full of ups and downs for us.  Scrapbooking had to take a back seat to real life for a lot of the year.  So what did I actually accomplish?

Pictures – my husband and I both continue to get better at taking the everyday shots.  I haven’t had the time to learn about our DSLR, but I’m so happy with the camera on my iPhone, I’m not too worried.  As long as one of us can get the most out of it, I’m happy.  I used PicTapGo to edit photos a few times this year, but it hasn’t really been a focus.  Backing up doesn’t get done on a  regular schedule, but it gets done at least once every 3 months.  I’ve also set up my phone to automatically back up photos.  Being more selective about which photos I print has become a routine now, and I really appreciate having fewer pictures to go through and not feeling like I’m literally throwing money away when I chuck bad photos.

Catching up – complete bust.  If anything, I got further behind this year. Listing our house early, having to put everything in storage, and getting our new house 3 months later than we expected put a big dent in my scrapping time.  The only semi-progress I made is getting Miss A’s childhood album caught up with where I’m at in my own books, so going forward I can work on them at the same time.

Week/day in the life – not even once.

Memorabilia – sigh.  The box of Miss A’s art got packed up without being sorted through, and then unpacked and ignored.

Stash management – here’s where I feel I made good strides in 2015.  I resisted the urge to buy a lot of stuff.  While I bought a couple of new kits, I feel like they were more purposeful purchases, and I made sure to really consider how I would use them.   I did a lot of purging this year, both before we moved and once I set up my scrap space.  Going into 2016, I feel like I have a good selection of cards that I’ll truly use.


Happy Holidays…sort of.

When I came home from watching Star Wars The Force Awakens on Wednesday night, I had a bit of a sore throat.  By 2 pm Thursday, I was running a fever, felt like I was swallowing glass and talking with marbles in my mouth.  I zipped out to the Medicentre nearby and within an hour, walked out of the pharmacy with a prescription to treat strep throat.  I felt like garbage and didn’t want to get anyone sick, so I ended up staying home Christmas Eve while my husband and Miss A went to my sister’s place for a family get-together.

I needed to get out of bed for a while, so I propped myself up on the couch, put in a Grey’s Anatomy DVD, grabbed a couple of my CTMH totes and went to work splitting a few PL kits that I’ve had for a while.   It was a good way to pass a couple hours, but then I got tired again and hit the sack.

Christmas morning was so much fun, as far as I could tell through my fever haze.  Miss A had a blast opening her stocking and gifts.  They went to Michaels and picked out a few things for me, as well as the Explore core kit from my LSS, which I had asked for.  I decided it was really good to use for our camping pictures, which I have a LOT of.  Although the things they got from Michaels were ones I already had, I really appreciated the thought that my husband put into it.  He’s always been very supportive of my hobby.

Today is Boxing Day in Canada, and while I would have loved to go out and take advantage of some of the sales, I was still feeling under the weather this morning.  By dinnertime, I started feeling more like myself and took advantage of a small burst in energy to do some more scrappy organizing, including splitting the last of my core kits, printing off some missing reference sheets, and hauling out my Cameo to cut tabs for the dividers I use in my CTMH containers.

I desperately need to get out of the house for a couple hours tomorrow.  I see that Michaels has a new storage line called Cre8ted Space.  It’s very bright and happy, and I’d like to check it out.  I’m finding my Tjena boxes from Ikea aren’t convenient for scrapbooking storage because they’re only 10 inches long and a lot of the stuff I want to store is 12 inches.  I also need to pick up a couple more photo boxes…sigh.  Too many pictures in boxes, not in albums!

I’m off work for another 2 days, and although my husband has taken on most of the parenting duties the last few days, I’m really hoping to carve out a few hours to scrapbook.  I’ve been feeling the itch to work on my albums the past couple of weeks.  If it doesn’t work out the next two days, my in-laws are taking Miss A for the weekend after New Years, so I’ll have some time then.