Off to a good start.

So far, 2016 has been good on the scrapbooking front.  On New Year’s Day, Miss A headed to my in-laws’ for a weekend sleepover.  I spent the afternoon in our office, reorganizing some of my supplies into my new storage bins from Michaels.  I’m much happier with these bins, since they actually fit my 12″ rulers and other longer supplies.

I pulled out Miss A’s artwork bin and sorted through it, getting rid of probably 3/4 of the pieces.  What’s left will be scanned, photographed or kept original.  I realized that since she moved into the pre-kindergarten room at her daycare, they don’t date her artwork.  That’s definitely something I need to start doing when things come home.

Once I sorted through that, I went to work on my 2014 album.  Although my #1 goal is to get my parents’ cruise book done, I really struggle with working on it, so I wanted to have some fun and have a positive kick-start to the year.  By mid-Sunday, I got photos into sleeves from July to the end of the year, and did cards for June and July.

Next, I worked on Miss A’s book for May 2014 on.  Since I’ve been more selective about printing photos, I don’t have a lot of leftover photos for her pages.  For the rest of the weekend, and a couple of evenings that week, I went through pictures on my computer, choosing which ones to print and planned my spreads out using planning page templates.    I ordered these reprints along with all of my other pictures from October to December – yay for Costco 10 cent print sales!

As of last Thursday night, all of my pictures are in my album to the end of 2014, in Miss A’s album to the end of 2015, and my 2015 pictures are completely printed and organized in a photo box.

I didn’t have any time this week to scrapbook, but now that I’m in a bit of a groove, next week will involve working an hour or so each night on my mom and dad’s book in the evenings.  I feel the need to watch the Harry Potter movies, so I can set up camp in the living room and do both.



Getting serious…2016 goals

I was kind on myself when I set my goals for 2015, knowing the year was going to be busy with our move.  It took a huge bite out of my scrapping time and energy – more than I expected.  I’m going to set a few loftier goals for 2016 now that we’re settled and I feel the need to get back at my hobbies.


  • that damn cruise album will be the first thing I finish in 2016.
  • our engagement story, my month-by-month pregnancy layout, and besties page will be finished
  • I want to finish 2014 prior to going on my scrapbooking weekend in the spring, both in my album and Miss A’s book. I have photos in my albums up to August 2014, so there’s not a ton left to do. Then I can concentrate on 2015 while I’m away.
  • I’m setting aside the idea of weekly for the year, as well as working on my Me: The Abridged Version or Project Real Life projects in order to focus on getting caught up.


  • Miss A starts Kindergarten in September so I know it’s only going to get worse going forward.   As I work through 2014 and 2015 I’ll go through the bin and add pieces as needed.
  • Instead of letting things pile up and needing to do a major sort-through, I’d like to come up with a system to handle things as they come in the door.  Whether I save it, photograph/scan it or toss it, I’d like it to become a habit.


  • I’m going to continue to limit my purchases this year.   With the Canadian dollar being in the tank, the price of core kits is going to increase at my LSS.  Combined with the number of cards I already have, it’s necessary to be really picky about my choices when I buy something.
  • I bought a small coil-bound calendar to start recording things daily or weekly – not just what happened during the week, but funny things that Miss A did or said.  I want to round out my journaling with those types of stories and this will be the easiest way to remember for when I have the time to sit down and scrapbook 2016.


  • Although it’s last on the list, it’s my number one goal for the year.  More time for scrapbooking.  I’m going to do this in a few ways:
    • Make better use of my evenings.  I usually have some down time each night, once all the everyday life stuff gets done.  There’s no reason I can’t drag an album and box of photos into the bonus room and start putting photos in pockets while my husband and I watch TV.
    • Set aside half a day every month where I spend time in my scrapbooking room.  Schedule it in advance and stick to it.
    • Use my friends.  I have a few girlfriends who scrapbook, and I want to start organizing the occasional crop with them.   I always seem to get more done when I’m with other people.  Whether we go to a local store for an evening or get together at one of our houses, time with them will be a good motivator.