Scrapbooking time!

I didn’t get any time for scrapbooking in September – between finishing up yard work and landscaping, getting Miss A settled into a new routine with school, starting another musical, and spending some extra time at work evenings and weekends, as usual my time seemed to fill up.

I’ve been feeling burned out with everything that’s gone on the last six months, so I decided  I’d take a week off in October to recharge my batteries and take some me time, which meant lots of scrapbooking.  Last weekend was a long weekend here as it was Thanksgiving on Monday – I took some time to start sorting through Miss A’s art, and got everything purged and organized by date.  Now I need to decide what I’m scanning/photographing and what I’m keeping the originals of.  I also had my photos from April to August printed and put them all in pocket pages.

As for the rest of the week scrapbooking-wise, I feel like I was pretty productive.  I got all the Project Life checklists updated (I hope), finished redoing Miss A’s baby album, and have cards in my albums up to the end of March 2016!  I’m hoping to have cards and pictures done until the end of August by bedtime tonight.  I ignored the damn cruise album, because I wanted this to be enjoyable me time, and between finding that project frustrating and knowing how sad I’d be looking at pictures of my dad, I put it away for now.  I do have a plan for getting it done over the next few weeks.

Once the cruise album is done, I’m going to focus on embellishing and journaling which needs to be done from 2013 or so on.  With some extra time I’m booking off over the Christmas holidays, I’d really love to be caught up on my own books by the end of the year.

So enough rambling, I’m heading back to my office where my albums, a mug of tea, and Season 4 of Grey’s Anatomy awaits!



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