Welcome 2017 (a little late)

It’s  been a while since I’ve posted or updated the kit checklist.  It was a very busy fall and winter with me taking on a new role at work, Miss A starting Kindergarten, starting a new show with my theatre group and ongoing work as the treasurer.

I deciced not to do a look back at my 2016 goals or set any for 2017.  I find that it just bums me out when I look back at what I (didn’t) accomplish.

What have I been doing, besides the above?  Actually scrapbooking!  I’ve been much better the past couple of months at taking an hour here and there to pull an album out and catch up on journaling in the albums where I’ve got all my pictures and cards in albums – I’m working on Summer 2015 right now, and I have everything ready to go up to the end of last summer.

But I’m finding this kind of batch process isn’t working for me.  Putting pictures and cards in is great, but having to go back to embellish and journal is the tough part.   Because I’m not working on current stuff, I’m forgetting a lot of details and things I want to document.  It’s hard going back over Facebook and old text messages to put the story together.  I get frustrated that things take so long, and I say “screw embellishing”.  Going forward, I’ll put pictures in the pockets, then do cards, journaling and embellishing at the same time.

While I haven’t set goals, I have a general plan in place for the next couple of months.  I’m going to get caught up on the journaling I need to do, and at the rate I’m going it should be done by the end of April.  Then I’ll start my new process when I start putting photos in that are still in boxes.  I’d like to get close to current before the summer starts, then spend some time catching up on Miss A’s albums.

Sometime this week, I’ll go through and update the kit checklists and printouts.



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