Complete List of Project Life Kits

photo1 I’ve seen posts on a few Facebook pages where people have asked if there’s a full list of Project Life kits anywhere, so I decided to try and put a complete listing together.  I’ve included links to the Card Design Reference or the Digital Edition links.  I’ve also added information regarding the availability of the kits, where some are retired or exclusive to a particular retailer.

If I’ve missed something or a link doesn’t work please let me know!  I’ll update this as new products are released.

Updated January 31, 2017

Complete List of Project Life Kits – Alphabetical

Complete List of Project Life Kits – By Release Date

Download a checklist to keep track of your stash – Project Life Kit Checklist

Photo credit to my bestie Jo!


My scrapbooking history – part 2

In 2009, I was surfing around the internet as one tends to do, and I came across Becky Higgins’ website.  She was always one of my favourite scrapbook “celebrities” – I loved her creative lettering, and her sketch idea books were staples in my craft room.  In the blog post that I read, she was talking about her Project 365 kit.  The idea was to take a picture a day for a year, and buy her kit with title cards, filler and journal cards, an album and pocket page protectors to slip the cards into.  Intriguing idea, but the thought of keeping up with that seemed very overwhelming to me.

So I continued on with my 12×12 pages, finding less joy in the process of scrapbooking.  I went to my scrapbook weekends and would come home energized to keep working on my albums, then would lose the enthusiasm after one or two nights of working at home.  If I had a spare couple of hours, it would take me half an hour to set up all my gear, I’d get to do one or two layouts in an hour, then spend another half an hour putting it all away.

When I found out I was pregnant and was going to stay that way, my thoughts turned to all the pictures I’d be taking of our baby.  It was almost overwhelming when I considered the two or three years of pictures I needed to catch up on, plus the certain thousands of pictures that would be coming. My plan was to do a 12×12 album with traditional layouts of my favourite pictures, then making a photobook of all the extra pictures.

When Miss A was just over a year old, I came across Becky Higgins’ products again.  She had expanded the Project 365 kit to Project Life.  There were a few different core kits and albums available by then.  I thought this would be an even better way to contain all the extra pictures I would have of her.  I couldn’t find the system easily in Canada at the time, so I ordered a Clementine core kit, album, cardstock and page protectors to my parents’ house in the US and made them schlep it home at Christmas.  The products made their way to my scrapbooking storage shelves and there they stayed.

I was still trying to catch up on my older pictures.  Our 5th wedding anniversary came and went, and I finally admitted I wasn’t going to do a wedding scrapbook – I was too afraid I’d be unhappy with my pages when they were done.  I designed and ordered a photobook and was thrilled with the outcome.

I continued to read Becky’s blog and was intrigued when the Baby kits were available in early 2013.  I’d found a Canadian source by then so I placed an order.  Again, the product made it to my shelves to wait.