Fall is in the air

It’s a cold and rainy day, school starts on Tuesday – it’s definitely fall.  My thoughts turn to scrapbooking every year at this time – once fall and winter descend on the Great White North, I have far more time and inclination to scrapbook (whether my grand plans of getting caught up for the year actually come true are another story entirely).

I haven’t checked in on my goals since posting about them in January.  This will probably be depressing since I know I haven’t accomplished much of anything scrap-wise this year.

Pictures – I’ve definitely been better about taking more day-to-day pictures.  I love the camera on my iPhone 6 Plus, and I’ve also got my husband in the habit of taking more with his phone.  Our DSLR has come out twice or three times this year, so I haven’t really been learning much about it.   Becky Higgins recommended a photo editing app called Pic Tap Go which I’ve been using a lot to edit pictures I’ve taken on my phone.  I’ve been pretty impressed with the results and it’s super simple to use.

Catching up – ahhahahahahaha.  Ha.  Not anywhere remotely close.  I’ve completed the grand total of two pages since my scrapbooking weekend in April.  Between our multiple-stage move, a very busy summer with lots of camping, and not having a decent place to work in our short-term rental, there hasn’t been the time or space.

I’ve set a deadline for myself to complete my parents’ cruise album before they go on their next cruise at the end of October.  Ambitious, since we’re in our rental till the end of September, then back with them for two weeks prior to taking possession of our new house.  I’m going to take advantage of the late night crops my LSS offers next Friday and spend 6 solid hours working, with none of the distractions of home.  I may book another one in early October too.  Once we move back with my parents, I’ll have a better space to work at, so I’m going to fill my evenings by getting their book done.

I’m going to set that as one of only three goals for the rest of the year.  We move into our new house October 15, and setting up my scrap space won’t be the priority.  I’m hoping to get to it by mid-November, but then Christmas will be upon us, and I don’t know how much I’ll get completed.  If I do have the time, I’ll work on a few small pages I have to finish, then start to tackle 2014.

Week/day in the life – 2016.  Not going to add the pressure to myself.

Memorabilia – yeah, so I said it WILL be dealt with in the decluttering of my house.   Survey says – BZZZZZT.  The bin got packed away full.  Fortunately, the stream of stuff coming home from daycare has slowed down, so I won’t be adding to the pile too much.  I think I need to be realistic and just go through a year at a time – add what I can to Miss A’s 2013 book, then as I work through 2014 do the same thing.

Stash management –  well, there was some progress.  I cleared a bunch of stuff out as I decluttered the house.  But…I’ve purchased a few new kits over the summer.  I’ve tried to be really realistic about what I’m buying and not getting caught up in the “I must have all the kits” fever.  For example, Bloom and Inspire both caught my eye, but I know they’re really not my style and won’t get used.  I was on the fence about Fine & Dandy, but from past experience, those “I’m unsure” kits don’t get used either.  Once I get my scrap room unpacked and organized, I’m going to do a huge purge and start with a stash where I truly LOVE every kit.

The second goal I’m setting for myself is getting my new scrap area set up and organized, so I can start 2016 with an organized space ready to go.  I’ve been doing a bit of planning as to what I want and how I’m going to set the room up, which I’ll post about later.

My last goal is blog-related.  I want to reorganize the PL Kit Checklist page and download into something more manageable.  I’m going to do two versions – alphabetically and by release date.  I’m hoping to have that done by the end of the week, so if all goes well, that’ll be an easy one to cross off the list.


Scrap retreat recap

I was really excited about heading out for a scrapbooking weekend in April.  I had intended on taking at least part of Friday off, but I forgot to block off my calendar, and ended up scheduled in meetings for most of the day.  Things wrapped up a bit early and I was able to sneak out just after 3, then I got caught in construction traffic on the way out of the city.  But I was at our bed and breakfast around 5 pm, hauled in all of my stuff and got set up.  We ate dinner and I was ready to get rolling.

A word about stuff – I hoped I’d haul less stuff than when I was still doing 12×12 pages, but not so much.  I had no idea how much I’d get done, so I took pretty much everything – there’s not much worse than running out of stuff when you’re away and have the time to work on things! I packed tons of pocket pages, all my pictures, cards, embellishments and stamps.  The only thing I didn’t take was my Silhouette and cardstock.

The first night, I focused on finishing the journaling in my 2013 album. It was trickier than I thought it would be. You always think you’ll remember dates of events, or funny things your kid said, or the little details to use for journaling but two years on, I struggled! Fortunately, we had wi-fi available and I was able to go through Facebook and my iMessages to figure out a lot of details. It took longer than I figured it would, and in retrospect working on journaling wasn’t the best use of my time. I could have taken a completed album anywhere and worked on it. I need to lose my pathological need to complete things in chronological order and be able to work on new pages when old ones aren’t 100% complete.

Saturday I slept in a bit, and was off to a slow start, finally getting around to sitting at the table around noon.  I continued to work on journaling, and finally completed it just before dinner.  I started working on new pages and was really mad I’d spent so much time journaling.  I stayed up till close to 1 am, then was up early Sunday to get back at it.  I got about halfway through 2014, putting pictures in pockets then adding cards, before I had to pack up and head home.

In the end, I didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped.  I don’t want to say I “wasted” time on journaling, but it wasn’t the best use of my time out there.  I learned some other things through the weekend:

  • I need to find another way to keep track of things as I go – whether it’s a journal or planner, I’m not sure, but Facebook and text messages aren’t the way to go.  I’m probably not ever going to be 100% caught up, and that means I forget things.
  • I did some stamping on my cards and I really liked the look of it.  I need to learn how to do it better and figure out what the best ink pads to use are.
  • Pocket style doesn’t necessarily equal less stuff.  I’m hoping that if the retreat goes ahead in the fall and I’m able to attend, depending on our house situation, I can spend some time getting more organized before I head out, taking less stuff with me.

Actual scrapbooking time!

In four hours, I’ll be packing up my extremely overloaded desk at work, hopping into my car and taking off for a much-needed break. After a couple of years where either we didn’t have enough people to make it work or the days didn’t work for me, I’m off on my semi-annual scrapbooking weekend.

It’s been so long since I’ve had the time, energy or inclination to work on my albums. Once we started to get our feet back under us after my dad’s diagnosis, we met with some realtors to get some advice about listing our home. With a shaky economic situation in our province, every one of them agreed we should list sooner rather than later because it could take a bit of time to sell. So we spent all of our free time decluttering, cleaning, organizing, staging and doing minor repairs to our house.

Guess what…6 days on the market and we had an offer. And to add another level of complication to the issue, our new house is a bit delayed. So now my free time has been split between looking for a short-term rental and starting to pack.

Needless to say, I’m ready to get away and ignore apartment-hunting, house cleaning, packing, work and cooking for a weekend. This is the first retreat I’ve gone on since starting scrapbooking pocket-style, so I’m anxious to see how much I get completed!

Words I’ve never uttered

I’m almost caught up.


Everything is done for 2012 except for a couple of pages which need journaling.

All my 2013 pictures are in photo pocket pages.  I have to add cards, embellish and journal, which I plan to work on over the next while.  I’m going to clean up the last of my to-do list – engagement story, pregnancy month-by-month and a couple of pictures to reorganize in Miss A’s first year album.  I have a 12×12 layout I want to do of a picture with some of my best girlfriends.  I might go back and embellish some of my 2011 and 2012 pages since I’m going to have the time.

My spring cleaning is halfway done – I’ve sorted my pocket pages and stored designs I’m less likely to use.  Stickers and embellishments have been purged, and most of my paints went into the garbage.  I’m holding off on going through my kits until after I’m done my 2013 pages to see if I’m still using the same few kits.

I’ll print out  my 2014 to date pictures soon – I feel like there should be a Costco print sale coming up.  They’re going to go straight into pocket pages but I won’t do much with them.  If I get too ahead of the game, I won’t have anything to work on at my scrapbooking weekend in the fall!

So what will I work on?  This is a very strange feeling!

I’ve taken a few online classes – well, I’ve printed everything out anyway.  This will be a great time to continue working on those.  I’ve got Project Real Life, Project Life Lessons, a Silhouette and two Photoshop classes, so that will keep me busy!

My parents did a Mediterranean cruise a couple of years ago and my mom really wants to get her pictures off her computer.  I promised her I’d help her either design an online photobook or go through and select pictures to print and make her a scrapbook.   They’re going to be living with us for the next couple of months so that’ll be a good way to spend some of our evenings.

Once my parents move and get their stuff out of storage, I know my mom has boxes upon boxes of photos that aren’t in any order.  I also promised I’d help her sort those and get them into photo albums.  I’m sure they also have heritage photos from both my grandmas, so I’d love to do something with those.