Complete list of Project Life Kit – download

I’ve mentioned more than once that I’m a bit of an organizational nerd and love lists.  One of the things I keep on my computer is a list of the kits I’ve purchased so I remember whether or not I have a particular product.  It seems that my Complete List of Project Life Kits post has been really beneficial for some people, so I thought I’d create a checklist too.

Please feel free to download and keep yourself organized too!

The file has also been added to the Complete List page and will be updated when new kits are announced.

Becky Higgins Project Life kit checklist

Once you click on the link to open the PDF, you can print or save it to your own computer.


Complete List of Project Life Kits

photo1 I’ve seen posts on a few Facebook pages where people have asked if there’s a full list of Project Life kits anywhere, so I decided to try and put a complete listing together.  I’ve included links to the Card Design Reference or the Digital Edition links.  I’ve also added information regarding the availability of the kits, where some are retired or exclusive to a particular retailer.

If I’ve missed something or a link doesn’t work please let me know!  I’ll update this as new products are released.

Updated January 31, 2017

Complete List of Project Life Kits – Alphabetical

Complete List of Project Life Kits – By Release Date

Download a checklist to keep track of your stash – Project Life Kit Checklist

Photo credit to my bestie Jo!


Photos – Azure Core Kit

I wasn’t prepared to like this one based on what I’d seen online.  The red looked really orange.  But in person, it’s really pretty.  I had ordered this one because my bestie had wanted it, but I ended up keeping a third of the kit!

She loves it because they PUT A BIRD ON IT!  (Anyone else out there a fan of Portlandia?)

IMG_3223 IMG_3222 IMG_3214 IMG_3221


Photos – Kiwi Core Kit

Although the Kiwi kit is an exclusive to Joanns in the US, Scrapbookers Inner Circle was able to get the rights to distribute it internationally.  When Becky Higgins announced the kit on Tuesday, Tammy announced it shortly afterwards, and she already had it in stock!  I ordered it right away and it was at my door Friday afternoon.

Kiwi is also super fun and bright.   I can’t decide whether I like it or Strawberry better.  They’re definitely both some of my favourite kits.  I forgot pictures of the bifolds – sorry!

IMG_3231 IMG_3230 IMG_3224


Photos – Strawberry Core Kit

So we in the Great White North have managed to get our hands on the new Becky Higgins core kits already!  This NEVER happens.  Seriously.

I’ve done some quick pictures of the new core kits – they’re unedited and not the best but at least it gives people an idea of what the new kits look like.

Strawberry – soooo gorgeous!  It’s bright and happy and makes me smile.

IMG_3238  IMG_3239

IMG_3236 IMG_3233